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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

A specialized form of physical therapy that addresses symptoms related to the muscles, ligaments and connective tissues of the pelvic floor. This therapy aims to help individuals with urinary leakage, pain with sex, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and so much more! The pelvic floor can even be the missing piece to improving nagging hip and/or chronic low back pain. A trained physical therapist uses techniques such as biofeedback, manual therapy, education and exercise to improve the strength, mobility and coordination of the pelvic floor and core musculature ultimately enhancing overall health and function.

Hands on therapies

Cupping, Graston (instrument assisted soft tissue massage), Active Muscle Pumping, Pin and Stretch, and Pin and Stretch Techniques, Biofeedback for pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation.


Education on laboring/birthing positions, birth prep and birth planning from a trained Birth Doula. As well as on pelvic floor and core anatomy.

Behavioral Adjustments

Discussing potential behavioral adjustments that may be utilized to address habits contributing to urinary urgency/frequency.

Dietary Changes

Discussing dietary changes that may alleviate symptoms, especially for conditions like constipation and urinary urgency.

Postural Re-Education

A therapeutic approach to improve a person's posture and body alignment through exercises, ergonomic adjustment and building body awareness.

Return To Sport

The Return to Sports program is for anyone, whether recreationally all the way to professionally, who wants to return to their desired sport bigger, faster, and stronger than they were prior to the injury. Most importantly, this program has specific components in place that will help to ensure that the likelihood of this injury reoccurring again in the future is as low as physiologically possible

Return To Running

This Return to Running Program has been designed specifically by our running specialists here at Uplifted Physical Therapy. Our running specialists have worked with all levels whether it be recreational runners who want to be able to run their first 5K all the way up to runners competing in ultramarathons trials.

Return To Painfree Lifestyle

No matter what your level of physical activity or exercise is, our therapists will work hard to getting you back to living healthy and strong, without pain. Whether it’s hiking, biking, walking, or just being able to tolerate sitting in your car– it is our priority to give you power back over your everyday life.

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