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In order for your physical therapist to gather as much information as possible, it is generally recommended to have an internal vaginal and/or rectal assessment during the evaluation. However, it is NOT absolutely necessary. The patient will always have the option to decline or ask for more information.

Day by Day Wellness does not accept insurance at this time however we are able to offer a “superbill” for each session. A superbill is essentially an invoice that can be submitted to your insurance for partial reimbursement.

No, however it is always encouraged to have a doctor’s signature on your plan of care. It is important to keep your care team informed in all aspects of medical care. We do however require a doctor’s referral or a signed plan of care within 12 visits or 45 days from your evaluation. This falls in line with the California Direct Access rule which you may inquire more about during your booking.

There is no definitive answer to this question. Everyone has different timelines depending on diagnosis and ability to participate in physical therapy pending their work/life schedule.
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